Regarding Rest

Monday, April 3 2017


A worker rests on a rooftop in the sun passing between two highrises

While his coworkers labored elsewhere on the rooftop, this man sat and reclined in the sunlight that passed between the nearby highrises.

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Tuesday, October 6 2015

Benchwork at Saint Luke in the Fields

Sleeper in the Garden

In this secret city garden, near our open floor-planned office but away from its din, where occasionally I escape to efficiently consume lunch in the closest thing to silence I can find, I relax.

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Saturday, May 30 2015

Gone Aground

A man rests on a pile of potting mix

I think it's fair to say that a man sleeping on top of a pile of gardening soil is taking a dirt nap.

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Monday, March 2 2015

A Clean Break

worker rest pile laundry bed-stuy brooklyn

As spotted when I dropped off my soiled unmentionables at the Super Clean.

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