Regarding Rooftops

Sunday, August 23 2015

Cooking for the German Couchsurfers

Couchsurfers Kristina and Felix have just arrived. Their friend and traveling partner Bastian is still on his way. He stopped to meet a friend of his in town. All three will be staying here, occupying my living room, for the next few nights.

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Tuesday, August 19 2014

Inspiration for My Aspirations, The Best Rooftop in Bed-Stuy

bedstuy rooftop

While I have no hard data to support this claim, I'm absolutely certain this is the best rooftop in all of Bed Stuy. It's practically a wildlife refuge.

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    Thursday, July 4 2013

    Watching the Fireworks, Watching the Neighbors.

    I scaled a ladder to the roof of my apartment to see the show.

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