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Saturday, January 28 2017

Double Density

A borrowed van packed with Alessandra's belongings

Alessandra moved in today. The van fit all that she had. 

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Monday, May 9 2016

NOLA In the Springtime, Day 2: Meanwhile, at DrupalCon

Man catching a couple minutes at DrupalCon

I'm here for the Media & Publishing summit.

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Monday, April 25 2016

Scratchin' and Strollin'

Scratch cards and morning strolls.

On Quincy Ave, in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

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Tuesday, April 19 2016

Broom Battle in Greenwich Village

Two kids wrestle for control of a broom in Greenwich Village.

There you go, welcome Moshiach with an act of Goodness and Kindness.

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Tuesday, April 19 2016


US Postal Service Worker keeping cool, working on his tan.

It's a lovely 73 degrees out right now. 

Everybody loves the sunshine, including this USPS carrier who just rolled up his sleeves while waiting for the light to change.

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Wednesday, November 4 2015

Doing Laundry

Waiting for his wash.

I am washing my shoes. He is drying his clothes. We are both waiting.

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Tuesday, September 15 2015

Bier with Lisa

Lisa, by candlelight, at a Kruezberg Bar

Lisa is a friend I met in NYC. 

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Sunday, August 9 2015

Ma Preps for Lap Swim

Ma puts on her swim cap.

Ma preps for lap swim.

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Saturday, August 8 2015

Scotch with Pa

Pa hoists a glass

After I got the swim in with Ma, Pa and I went down to Piper's Pub and had some Scotch.

It's a shame Pa can't taste as well as he used to. The surgery altered his whole olfactory setup. On the bright side, that reduced sensitivity means I don't have to buy him the top shelf stuff.

Still, we're celebrating – his 65th year, his recovery and his pseudo-retirement. I ordered us some Laphroaig 18. 

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Monday, July 20 2015

Barebacked and Buying Cigarettes

A couple of chatty crustbros walked in Bedford Gourmet Foods, their conversation a debate on water quality. 

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Thursday, July 16 2015

Mic Check at the United Nations

I spoke at the UN today. 

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Tuesday, July 14 2015

Heartfelt Illustration of a Wishing Well on a Wall in Manhattan


This is part of a mural on the side of a school around Hudson Square, in Manhattan. 

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Sunday, July 12 2015

Busting a Move in McCarren Park

Dancers working to learn a routine

A group of students is learning a routine in – I'm basing this on the moves they're doing – a hip hop dance class on the McCarren Park track. There's a more legitmate crew casually breaking on some cardboard to camera right. I'm on my way to the pool in the distance.

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Sunday, July 12 2015

Garbage Bag Over Hydrant

The leaking fire hydrant is covered with an empty plastic bag

The folks working at the community garden down the block tap into the fire hydrant on the corner to water their plants. 

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Wednesday, July 8 2015

My Neighbors' Ignorance Suggest Imminent Immolation

grill set up by idiots fire imminent

After the smoke clears, after the blaze is put out, after the building is evacuated and my neighbors spared from themselves, while gazing into the ashes below the grill, the NYFD Marshal's brow will unfurrow and he'll grumble:
"Well, there's your problem."

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