Regarding trash

Sunday, January 22 2017

Bird to Bird, Beak to Flake

A seagull contemplates consumption of Corn Flakes scattered in the street

This one particular seagull was more contemplative than the others. Was it joy at the bounty? Did it recognize the rooster on the Corn Flakes box?

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Monday, January 9 2017

Desperado in the Snow

DVDs and dog shit sit on the sidewalk

Seen curbside in Bed-Stuy.

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Sunday, December 27 2015

Optimistic Rubbish

A trash bin in a men's room

The message in the Commonwealth Coffee bathroom:


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Friday, October 23 2015

Broken Selfie Stick

broken selfie stick left behind on bedford avenue in williamsburg

I threw the contraption in the Big Belly Solar trash bin before someone else could recover or repair it.

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Saturday, January 24 2015

Setting Expectations

tv with caution tape

A crew started chiseling below my bedroom early this morning. My downstairs neighbors had decided now to make flat and of concrete what has long been patchy and of asphalt. They were making their liability a legitimate sidewalk.

Trash that's been sitting outside my building was used to set up the perimeter around the work zone while wet concrete set. This clunky old television marked one corner. A mattress marked the other. Wrapped around and strung between both was yellow caution tape, indicating danger.

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Friday, June 27 2014

CRT to the CuRB

CRT in trash heap

I remember having a monitor just like that. Mine was a 19" Sony Trinitron that, at the time around the year 2000, changed world by declaring it flat and not curved, like all the montitors were in those times. 

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Saturday, June 14 2014

Rocking Out

rocking horse in window bed stuy

I think, if logic triumphed, there has to be a story behind a small rocking horse hanging outside a window of an apartment builing. But if logic triumphed, a rocking horse wouldn't end up there of all places.

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Sunday, October 20 2013

A Television Left for Dead on a Bushwick Street.

broken television street bushwick brooklyn

Murder, murder, murder.

I'm on my way to Agne Noir.

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Saturday, July 25 2009

Plant Life in the Back of a Pickup Truck

red pickup truck plant growing in bed pittsburgh

This truck is usually parked outside of the apartment on Butler St. The owner is scrap collector so the bed of the pickup is typically filled with things like fridge doors, radiators and stoves. 

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