Regarding Williamsburg

Friday, June 9 2017

Friday Night, Bedford Ave

Man on curb, drunk, and leering.

Whatever Williamsburg ever was, it's a white man, middle-aged, on Bedford Avenue, sitting on the curb, slobbering on an unlit cigar, in front of an Equinox, drunk, and leering, now.

He was lifted up and carried off by a woman, big shopping bag in hand, who came out of the Duane Reade, who I’d guess was his wife.

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Wednesday, March 1 2017

Couple Waiting on Marcy Ave

Couple Waiting on Marcy Ave

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Friday, December 16 2016

Bud Can Frozen Overflow

Frozen-over can of Budweiser at base of Berry St. stoop

Frost-brew stuntin' to catastrophe.

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Sunday, July 24 2016

Chilled Chocolate

Chocolate bars in a deli meat cooler

Recent days of 90-plus degree heat probably make for ambient temperatures inside a deli lacking air conditioning that would melt any and all chocolate on their shelves. The cool safety of the meat and cheese display case would keep the bars solid, saleable.

I appreciate the consideration I see here. I do the same thing in my apartment.

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Saturday, July 23 2016

Heatwave (Williamsburg, Lorimer at at Throop)

Woman in electric wheelchair with shade umbrella

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Saturday, July 23 2016

Heatwave (Williamsburg, Lorimer at Ainslie)

Woman with shade umbrella

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Monday, January 18 2016

Hand, Bag

Garbage bag attached to a small, gloved traffic cone.

At the corner of Havemeyer and South 4th St. in Williamsburg.

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Thursday, January 7 2016

Newsreader at Marcy Ave

Man reading NY Daily News or something on the subway platform

Newspaper readership is down.

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Sunday, January 3 2016

Williamsburg Storefront Casualty

Mannequin down on Grand Ave, in Williamsburg, NYC.

I walked past just as the shopkeeper finished yanking the underwear off this mannequin. She then scurried towards the back of the store. The scene was quietly comical, strangely erotic, mildly unsettling. 

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Saturday, December 12 2015

Nita Nita Closure

Nita Nita in Williamsburg, Brooklyn has closed and become a gentrification crime scene/artist installation.

Nita Nita, a bar in Williamsburg, was wrapped up like a crime scene. The tape reads "GENTRIFICATION IN PROGRESS." Local artist Gilf (Ann Lewis) did this. Gilf's done this at other locations around NYC. If you want to do it too, she sells the tape for $60 retail. Find it through @gilfnyc's profile or her site here

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Thursday, October 29 2015

That Bedford Ave Balcony Used To Be My Playground

My old Bedford Penthouse balcony holds a multitude of plant life

I'm fascinated by any changes I see on my old balcony, that one up on the top floor. There are now many plants growing there. Last time I was on the block there were none. I wonder if someone new has moved in. 

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Friday, October 23 2015

Broken Selfie Stick

broken selfie stick left behind on bedford avenue in williamsburg

I threw the contraption in the Big Belly Solar trash bin before someone else could recover or repair it.

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Thursday, August 20 2015

Timeless Williamsburg, Following the Wiliamsburg that was Once of the Moment

Scaffolding and advertising at 260 Metropolitan Ave

How the neighborhood has changed. On the scaffold, advertising this development:

condos. refined. williamsburg... timeless. terraces...

We're a long way from "hip."

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Monday, July 20 2015

Barebacked and Buying Cigarettes

A couple of chatty crustbros walked in Bedford Gourmet Foods, their conversation a debate on water quality. 

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Sunday, July 12 2015

Polo Shirt Still Entangled on Barbed Wire

Polo shirt on barbed wire

This shirt has been hanging on this wire for over a year now.

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