A man under an umbrella dashes past a barber shop Houston Street

Rainstorm on Houston

Wednesday, November 30 2016

November rain and strong winds came on an unseasonably warm day. 

Union Squaring Off

Thursday, November 10 2016

Some sort of mass one-on-one debating thing was happening in Union Square on Thursday night.

"This is a uterus. It needs protection"

Solidarity Underground, Subway Therapy: Words

Thursday, November 10 2016

Facilitated by Subway Therapy, these are just some of the messages left on the tiles in the corridor between the L and 123 trains under 6th Ave.


Solidarity Underground, Subway Therapy: Actions

Thursday, November 10 2016

In the corridor under 6th and 7th adventures, between the L train and 123 trains, people are grieving, sharing, and contemplating the results of the election.

A mariachi band performed as close to Trump Tower as the NYPD would let them.

Election Night in NYC

Tuesday, November 8 2016

I pedaled from Cobble Hill to Midtown, through Times Square and back into Bed-Stuy.

Man practicing batting swing with walking cane.

Caaaaane Batter, Batter, Batter. Swing!

Friday, September 23 2016

A man, using a walking cane, practices a batting swing like no one's watching.

Ready, set...

Dodgeball on Clarkson

Wednesday, September 7 2016

I had assumed, after years of living in Brooklyn, everybody of a certain social-economic standing, from certain suburban places, and of an age, feeling nostalgic for pounding nerds, or resentf

J Train at Kosciusko Street

Stop, They [Over]shootin'

Wednesday, August 31 2016

"Partner, we a Z."


An H Wouldn't Add Anything

Monday, August 15 2016

A vandal left advice on a bench at Marcy Ave's JMZ stop.

Young man kicking back in construction site office

Chillin in Midtown in the Heatwave

Thursday, August 11 2016

I was pedaling east on on a Citibike after dropping off a lens for repair at Photo Tech.

A man examines an electric scooter

Empty Scooter

Saturday, July 30 2016

I wonder, when I see the machinery typically used by elderly folks curbside for pickup, that someone isn't utilizing it because they're no longer alive.

Reward Sign for information on Tony Hinton's murder

The Murder of Tony Hinton is Still Unsolved

Tuesday, July 26 2016

Two years ago, they shot Tony Hinton dead on this Patchen Avenue corner on a Friday afternoon. NYPD still has no idea who they is/are. NYPD mark the anniversary by pointing this out.